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Jun. 6th, 2017

For a few years after I learned how to sail, I regarded sailing as a process to enjoy. When I went sailing, I, well, raised my sails and went sailing. That was the entire point now, wasn’t it?

And then I had an epiphany: sailing is not just fun, it’s a mode of transportation! You can go places on a boat! In particular, you can go places inaccessible without a boat.

Thus, a project was born: to visit and explore every single island in Boston Harbor.

And so, on a Sunday couple of weeks ago we (the crew: Sergey and Lena) pointed our boat towards Peddocks Island. Peddocks Island is, in fact, reachable by a ferry; also, I’ve been here before (most recently, with my friends Sasha and Anthony); but it’s an interesting island, and a fresh east breeze was on our starboard bow, so on we went: past the Spectacle Island dock; under the demolished bridge to Long Island—funny thing, that bridge, they blew it up a couple years ago, but it was etched so deep in our consciousness that no amount of industrial explosives could change the fact that the bridge still exists, and we sail under it;—then between the mostly underwater rocks of Sunken Ledge and Hangman Island; and finally turning into the wind towards Peddocks.

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